Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Pics

Here are some pictures from our fun Saturday in Eugene!
This one is for Dave's grandparents' annual Christmas calendar :-)...every year around November, my mother-in-law asks me for pictures from this past year and Dave and I have to go out and do a photo shoot right then. So, I am very proud to say that we got our 3 pictures for the calendar spaced throughout the year this time!

This last weekend was my brother-in-law, Josh's b-day. We took the opportunity to take some fun family pictures in the beautiful Fall weather! We also enjoyed going to Izzy's and playing with Sophie! She was very enthralled with the box Josh's b-day present was in and proceeded to climb into it herself. Uncle Dave had fun pushing her around in the box making "Vroom" noises. Anna called me the next day to tell me that Sophie was now pushing her baby doll around in the box making those same noises :-).