Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy Baker

We found this kitchen on Craig's List a few months back but just moved it into our toy room. Callie loves it and spends quite a bit of time microwaving meals--hmm, please don't take this as an insight into my cooking techniques! She's also quite good at washing the dishes...putting them away is another matter altogether, as they lay strewn across the entire downstairs!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

P.J. & Callie-Blackmail pics for the future?

Well, we finally got some hot weather, so we enjoyed some pool time with our friend Parker! You'll notice Callie doesn't get too close when P.J.'s in the pool-he's a wild swimmer :-)!

Her Easel!

My Aunt Neva bought Callie an easel! We just set it up today,
as she has recently begun to LOVE coloring!
So happy!
Cheese-ball grin!
Thank You, Aunt Neva & Uncle Phil! We will get LOTS of use out of this present!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Daddy, Church!"

Telling Mommy that we're going to see Daddy!
I said, "are you going to see Daddy?" This was her in the middle of saying "OH YES!"
And here's her adorable hair :-)

Callie adores her Daddy-this is nothing new, but lately she's been way more verbal about it! Yesterday after waking up from her nap, she kept saying "Daddy" "Daddy" "Daddy!" Finally, I told her if she finished her lunch we could go see Daddy at church. She was SO excited-she quickly ate the last 3 bites in between yells of "Daddy, Church!" We then got her dressed in a cute outfit and she sat still while I "fixed her hair pretty for Daddy." Both Daddy and Callie were excited to see each other when we got to the church. We played on the play structure for a little while and then went home. As soon as we got home Callie started to rip out her barrettes from her hair. I asked her if she was done with them and she pointed to them and explained to me that those were for "Daddy, church" so clearly she didn't need them anymore!