Wednesday, October 19, 2011

18 months-where's my baby?

Oh my sweet Callie Sue, you are now 18 months and a full-blown toddler with almost no sign of the baby who was just here, so it seems. This month you decided you are quite independent. When Daddy and I try to do things for you we hear, "NO, Calyie!" You want to do everything by yourself if possible! You are saying so many words now I won't bother to list them all! You can repeat almost anything, including long words like "babysitter." You also put small sentences together like, "what's that?" & "I say no!" (which is emphasized by you wagging your finger at your cousin :-)). This month, I was changing your diaper and said "nasty." You then repeated "natty, natty." Your daddy was quick to say it couldn't be you making that smell-it must be some beast. You then chimed in with "natty beast!" And now each day we hear when you have a "natty beast." Someday soon, we hope you'll be potty training more consistently! You have gone several individual times on the toilet now and regularly cheer for mommy and daddy when we go to the bathroom! Daddy says he's never felt so encouraged :-). You have so much energy and love to run, jump and dance! You also enjoy snuggling, reading books, and giving kisses to loved ones, your "guys", the mirror, books, toys that catch your fancy (such as Legos), etc. Daddy is doing his best to drill into you that we don't kiss boys beyond him and your grandpas! You make us laugh, smile, wring our hands and want to pull out our hair on a daily basis, but most of all our hearts are filled with so much love for you and gratitude to God for blessing us as your parents!

Here's some facts and pictures:
  • At the 18month check-up: 32.5" long (70%) and 22lb, 9.9oz (22%), 31.71% head circumference.
  • We are at a transition for sleep schedule-you are down to one nap most days 11am-near 1pm. About once a week you take 2 to catch up on missed sleep. You are sleeping from 8:30pm-7am most nights. We would like you to get more sleep but know things are just changing and will get sorted out soon!
  • You gave up baby food completely this last month and now your diet consists of spelt bread, almond butter, beef and chicken, apples, apple-cinnamon oatmeal, veggies, and beans and chips!
  • Your favorite words are "NO WAY!"
  • You love Legos and anything with wheels but also adore your stuffed animals and baby doll.
  • Your favorite color is blue! You want to drink from the blue bottle, have the blue cup, car, book, etc. You also like to say purple and pink.
  • You like to "read" books on your own and to Mommy and Daddy.
  • You have been working very hard on talking nicely and saying please when you need help instead of screaming.
  • You love swimming and really enjoyed this last month of swimming lessons-especially going down the slide on the last day!
  • You would like to wear your swimsuit everyday and do "up/downs" (Mommy and Daddy's workout video) with us.

Callie in her "boat" with her guys!
Loves her Daddy!
Isn't this just the cutest outfit!? We bought the bunny slippers, but we seriously have the most wonderful hand-me-downs from friends!
Ready for a walk (she's showing off her teeth and her "new" winter jacket)
Jillian video in her "up/down" outfit with her weights.
Stylin' in Mama's shoes!