Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curly IS the New Straight!

Check out those bangs!

It's not very often when I write about anything other than my adorable daughter, but I've been thinking a lot about seasons of life lately, and it all started with hair!

Twice in the past couple of weeks, I've been struck by a new style "wave." I was at the hairdresser (long overdue-like 9 months!). While waiting for my turn, I watched my hairdresser style a cut she had just finished. Not surprisingly, she got out her straightener but then used it to curl the customer's hair. A couple days later, I found this technique on Pinterest (speaking of new trends!) What did stay-at-home moms do for dinner and decorating before Pinterest?! And is it bad that my fullest pinboard is for extremely fattening recipes? Anyway, as I was wondering why we would use a straightener for this look instead of dusting off our curling iron, I realized that there's probably a whole generation out there that doesn't own a curling iron! I partook in a moment of silence for them as I reminisced on all the fabulous "dos" they had missed! Having attended elementary school in the late 80's/early 90's, I had the privilege of sporting mountainous teased bangs. (see above pics). I was proud of those sausage curls, sprayed liberally with hair spray and then brushed up to an impressive height. Adding to the look, of course, were homemade "scrunchies," and barrettes with enormous bows, or my favorite, balloons (yes, I'm serious) attached! I would be shocked if that full look ever became popular again, but I am thankful that wavy/curly hair is finally edging out the polished straight look that was oh so much work for some of us! While straight hair was "the thing" for the past several years, anyone over the age of 16 knew styles would eventually change.

The summer after we got married, Dave was scheduled to speak at a youth camp in California, and I was along for the ride. Shortly before we left, the program director contacted me and asked if I would speak to the high school girls one of the days on purity, modesty, dating relationships, etc., while Dave spoke to the boys on similar topics. I remember talking to these beautiful, sun-tanned, mostly blond-haired girls who had their hair straightened to perfection-the height of style. Off to the side, I noticed a group of more "natural" looking girls (they almost could have passed for Oregonians!) Unfortunately for them, it appeared they had inherently curly hair that refused to be straightened, despite what society dictated in Teen Magazine.

In my effort to explain to the girls the importance of valuing the things of God instead of prioritizing outward appearance, I pointed out that styles change. I looked at the girls off to the side and assured them that someday in the not-too-distant future, straight hair would be a thing of the past, and we would all be envying their natural curls as we try to create the same effect with product and a hot iron. Laughter from the "in-crowd" accompanied my statement...and I can see, from their perspective, how it would have been difficult to imagine straight hair ever being out of style. After all, I was speaking to the generation that had probably never owned a curling iron!

But lo and behold, here we are, nearly 7 years later (so it took a little longer than I thought), and curly is the new straight! Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun. Beyond fashion, friendships change (how many of us are still close with the people who were in our wedding party, let alone our BFFs from grade school?), statuses change, careers change, health changes, ideals and dreams change. Only God remains the same, and He promises never to leave us. Aren't you so thankful that we have God to see us through each of these changes! If you're going through a difficult time in your life, I hope you'll remember that it will pass and pour yourself into the One who will be there for you through it and through eternity. Those babies eventually sleep through the night, toddlers get the hang of potty-training, high schoolers won't always be sassy and rebellious (and hopefully, someday they'll thank you for your work and prayers for them), finances will get straightened out, a job will come about, in a few months it WILL stop raining (or you can vacation somewhere with sun!)...

So, now you know what my mind ponders in between cleaning up Legos and running a certain toddler to the bathroom to avoid accidents!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jesus and...Mater?

My baby girl is in love with Jesus...and Mater (as in Tow-mater from the Cars' movies)! Oh, and somewhere in there Baby Beluga gets a nod, also! Many times throughout the day I hear, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" in the sweetest little sing-song voice. This week, the song went something like this, "Baby Beluga this I know, for the Bible tells me so...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Mater, Jesus! He is strong, yes, Jesus loves me!"

I love hearing her sing about Jesus and talk about Him throughout the day and randomly stop running around the house and announce "wanna pray" and then fold her hands and say "thank you Jesus for friends, Mommy, Daddy, Callie, and Mater, AMEN!" and resume running. I love how her prayers consist of "thank you Jesus for..." Dave and I pray that her love for Jesus continues to grow and deepen, and we thank Jesus for our little Baby Beluga, Mater, Jesus-lover!

These pictures are from yesterday. Callie and Mommy did a little Valentine's Day photo session while we waited for Daddy to get home :-).