Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day in the life of my very busy and wonderful husband

I just got home from church not too long ago, and as I am home alone for a bit, I'm thinking about my wonderful husband still at church. Today, he got up at 6:30 (or maybe it was earlier--I don't know for sure, because I didn't want to roll over to check!). After getting ready for church, he went over his Sunday school lesson a few more times just to make sure he was as prepared as possible. Then he left for church to disciple a few high school boys prior to first service. Anyone who has attended our church knows him as the announcement guy for both services. Right after first service he rushed over to the youth center to practice with the high school worship team for Sunday school prior to going back over to the main building, giving announcements and then coming back to the youth center, leading worship, then teaching Sunday school! THEN he quickly ate a PB&J sandwich and is currently co-leading men's Bible study! I'm exhausted thinking about his day, but most of all I'm so thankful that he is using the gifts God has given him to impact so many people! I personally think Dave is a wonderful speaker, worship leader, mentor, and friend, but what means the most to me is what a great husband he is! He is such a great example of God's love to me! And for those of you who are reading this, I would so appreciate your prayers for Dave's continued love and commitment to the work God has called him to, because as this little glimse shows, it's not easy!

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The Elliotts said...

Hey Amy! It's Megan writing from my new blog (Josh's too):-) It's actually my previous blog vamped up to make a "family" blog. I'm kinda just letting all bloggers know about it. Thanks!:-)