Thursday, July 22, 2010

Callie and Mommy's week at Grammy and Poppy's!

Callie and I missed Dave a lot while he was on the mission trip in Alaska, but we are so thankful for the team having the opportunity to serve the Lord up there and Callie and I had a nice visit with family and friends! Hopefully, I'll get some pics from the mission trip later!
Kate and I were born just a couple months apart and grew up together. Now our girls are just a couple months apart, too!
The grandmas!
"Poppy" and Callie!
Grammy and Callie
Right after bath!
Great Uncle Rick and Callie!
My awesome family!
At the farmers' market with Auntie Anna
Auntie Anna and Callie


Joel and Lauren Powers said...

looks like you had a great time, callie is so precious and beautiful! Glad to hear Dave had a great trip as well!!

Family of 5 said...

She's growing so fast! Love her wild blond hair! :)