Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 Months!

Well, Callie is 6 months old! I find myself watching her when I feed her at night (the only time she's not wiggling constantly) and thinking of those first days when her body only took up half the Boppy! She's in the 78% for height now! We are working to fatten her up but think she's pretty adorable just the way she is!

New this month!
  • She sits on her own unsupported for quite a while!
  • She is eating rice cereal each day and LOVING it!
  • She now takes a bottle every day without fighting it and will take it from me, Dave, or Grammy (so hopefully others, too)!
  • She tries to hold the bottle/the cereal spoon by herself.
  • She takes good naps about 3 days a week :-).
  • She wants to go to bed closer to 7pm than 8pm (Mommy is rather worried about Daylight Savings Time coming up!)
  • She's taken a couple of long car rides without crying!
  • She loves sitting up to play with toys and is really enjoying toys that make sounds!
  • She takes her binki out of her mouth and can put it back in herself.
  • She enjoys "Skyping" relatives.
  • She pants like a dog whenever she gets excited--not sure where she got this!
  • She loves watching the neighborhood cats when we go on walks and giggles and coos whenever we see one.
  • She "sings" a lot.
  • She splashes and kicks in the bath and wants to stay in longer.
Still the same!
  • She still loves to be outside!
  • She sleeps through the night with the exception of one feeding (unless we're away from home)
  • Naps longer than 45 minutes are a struggle and something Mommy gets very excited about!
  • She's a good roller all 4 ways
  • Still has beautiful very blue eyes!
  • Has only one tooth but drools constantly!
  • Has a delightful disposition most of the time with a temper that can turn on instantaneously!
  • Thinks her hands and feet are amazing and at least one (sometimes tries all 4) should be in her mouth pretty much always! She also enjoys holding up her hands and just marveling at God's creation :-)!
  • Melts Mommy and Daddy's hearts (and her grandparents, and aunts/uncles as well!)


Joel and Lauren Powers said...

she is growing so big and beautiful Amy!! She and Emme have a lot of similar characteristics, especially the never stop wiggling part! Love you guys :)

Family of 5 said...

REally 6 months already!! :) Isn't it fun though!!