Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Pictures!

Our Sweet Baby is ONE!!!
Spring Flowers Party :-)

Love you, Grammy!

and she loves her Poppy, too!

What are you looking at?
So excited!
There are presents, too?!!!
Opening presents is serious business!
Grammy, Mommy, & Callie
Poppy & Grammy got Callie a Noah's Ark!
She was too intent on playing to pose for any pictures!
Cake time!
Not quite sure what she thinks about it!
We tried several times for the family picture, but clearly the cake pose was the best :-)
What a great day with Poppy and Grammy!
Dave's Aunt Danna sent Callie her b-day outfit! It was so cute! We are looking forward to celebrating Callie's b-day with the Bertolini side when Callie's great grandparents visit in June.

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Family of 5 said...

Oh happy birthday Callie girl!! Love her sweet smile!! :)