Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Daddy, Church!"

Telling Mommy that we're going to see Daddy!
I said, "are you going to see Daddy?" This was her in the middle of saying "OH YES!"
And here's her adorable hair :-)

Callie adores her Daddy-this is nothing new, but lately she's been way more verbal about it! Yesterday after waking up from her nap, she kept saying "Daddy" "Daddy" "Daddy!" Finally, I told her if she finished her lunch we could go see Daddy at church. She was SO excited-she quickly ate the last 3 bites in between yells of "Daddy, Church!" We then got her dressed in a cute outfit and she sat still while I "fixed her hair pretty for Daddy." Both Daddy and Callie were excited to see each other when we got to the church. We played on the play structure for a little while and then went home. As soon as we got home Callie started to rip out her barrettes from her hair. I asked her if she was done with them and she pointed to them and explained to me that those were for "Daddy, church" so clearly she didn't need them anymore!

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