Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life with Baby

Wow, how my life has changed over the last four weeks! Yes, I said 4 weeks! Today, I had my 4-week follow up appt. which I went to by myself. I fed Callie right before I left and put her down for her morning nap. Amazingly, she went down without even fussing and slept the entire time I was gone-2.5 hours (that's how long it takes when you live 1/2 hour from the doctor and then have to wait at the pharmacy for another 1/2 hour). I was so grateful that she did so well, since Dave thinks he's coming down with a cold; I was hoping he wouldn't have to pick her up! My sweet baby also slept in 4.5 hour stints last night AND even more important in my mind, only took 1/2 hour-45 minutes to eat when she did wake up! This is a HUGE improvement from the 2 hour marathon feedings we were doing every 2 hours the first couple weeks! I'm finally starting to feel somewhat sane and enjoy being a mom to my sweet little girl now! It really is amazing how fast they grow, and it IS important to enjoy the time--but just a little side note of advice for anyone who cares--DON'T say that to brand new moms. It's not helpful, because it really doesn't feel like time is going by fast when you're not sleeping, you can't figure out why the baby's crying and you're in constant pain!

It was very strange to be alone for the first time in a month this morning. My hands felt empty as I got out of the car just holding my purse and I almost wasn't sure how to walk without the extra weight of the carseat on one side and the diaper bag on the other! Having over 5 years as a married couple without kids before Callie came, it's been, and continues to be, a huge adjustment for me and Dave, but we are so thankful that God has blessed us with such a sweet (and adorable :-)) baby, and we are enjoying her more each day! We are so aware of people's prayers for our family. Thank you! (and please don't stop!) Now, here are some pictures of our cutie!


The Finch's said...

We can't wait to meet her in person! You and Dave are doing an amazing job....keep it up! We are praying for you as this we know is a big adjustment for you two +Callie! We hope we are able to meet Callie before she gets too old!

Nolan & Jill said...

She's beautiful Amy! And I totally agree with the "enjoy it while it lasts" sentiment. Of course you'll enjoy the moments that are good, and why would you ever want to enjoy the times that make you so tired/hurt/etc? It's crazy how quickly they grow up! Everything seemed to turn a dramatic corner for me at 7 weeks and all of a sudden life was so much better. I hope Callie continues on this wonderful path of sleeping/feeding for you!

micahandheather said...

Ah....those early days! Thanks for reminder! It's helpful for me to remember what is wonderful about these days! When I hit 7 or 8 weeks things got quite a bit easier & at 3 months I remember thinking, "oh, I'm me again. I think we might actually make it!" Hang in there & enjoy that sweet little baby as best as you can!