Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally, some real food!

This big girl just had her first serving of Rice cereal (as you can see, she enjoyed it-the little she got in her mouth anyway!). I think she was most impressed with the spoon! She's working very hard on getting her second tooth! Lots of drool and lots of fussing has been the routine at our house lately. She wasn't wanting to take a bottle today so with her 6 month checkup this Thursday, I decided we'd try some cereal! Sorry the first picture's a little blurry!

Other events this week included...
Callie and Mommy right before Parker Pearce's one-year-old b-day party.
Still in her party dress! Showing off her sitting skills!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather and moved the jumperoo outside today!
Oh, and here's some recent playtime with Daddy!


Rebekah said...

Wow! Such a big girl! I can't believe she's 6 months old already! Time flies with kids, doesn't?

Aly sun said...

Thank you for linking "drops" from your blog. I hope you are enjoying the posts and being encouraged in your journey as a mom and follower of Christ.

Your daughter is a cutie. I love this age when everything is new and little personalities start to show full force. (My little guy is turning 1 next week... it goes so quick).