Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Accomplishments

Callie has one tooth (it came in a week ago Sunday) and is working on more! The rubber spatula is a favorite teething toy right now.
She is now sitting up on her own for sometimes up to a minute! In the below pictures, she is modeling a sweater that my grandma made for me when I was a baby!


Anna said...

I LOVE that she wears that sweater. She's so cute...stop putting up so many cute pictures when you're still not visiting for too long :-) I just want to snuggle both of you. Such a big girl now.

I love also that she fits that sweater...obviously her cousin did not :-)

Kimberly Stone said...

Callie is by far, one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Seriously, good work you two ;) I love seeing all your photos! Hope you are doing ok and adjusting to this new life!

Joel and Lauren Powers said...

I love all of her expressions, she is getting so much bigger! She's such an adorable combination of you and Dave