Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 months

So, this month has been a fast paced and exhausting 2 steps forward and one step back kind of month! Callie started eating rice cereal-wasn't sure about it, couldn't get enough of it, ate it well some days and others not so much, wasn't sure about it, and now, won't eat it at all. Tried sweet potatoes. Let's just say she feels the same way about them that her parents do. Following the last few days of rice cereal and the days we tried sweet potatoes, she got a tummy ache and ever since then, we have been going through SOOO many diapers; I will be forever grateful to the person that invented disposables! (After all, I'm having to pre-treat half her clothes; I don't have time to wash diapers, too!)
Therefore, we are taking a break from solids (since I can't get her to open her mouth anymore). Next week we are going to the doctor to get her weighed and measured, so hopefully, they will have some good advice-or maybe by then she'll be ready to eat them again anyway.
She is trying very hard to become more mobile. She's working on going from sitting Indian style to rocking forward to put herself into a crawl-like position. Daddy has been practicing crawling with her by moving her legs while she does the arms. He's very excited about this new stage (clearly not realizing how much child-proofing we have to do!) Meanwhile, Callie does a mean "back scoot" to try to get where she wants to go. It's very obnoxious when she's on the changing table doing this! I think Callie is frustrated at not being able to move like she wants to or talk like she wants to-she tries very hard and then starts crying when it doesn't work.
She must be growing because I had to mover her jumperoo up to the next level again. (We're on 3 out of 4 now!) She's also been taking better naps most days, so that's a plus! We are seeing a lot of her tongue again, as she's pretty impressed with how far she can stick it out! She's also been exploring new things she can do with her hands, such as: exploring mommy and daddy's faces and hair (sometimes a rather painful experience), knocking over towers that we build for her, turning pages in books, doing her best to hold her sippy cup and pulling the pommel part off of her bumbo seat! Well, she's about to wake up from a nap, so I better get some pictures in this post!

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