Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 Months!

Well, this picture pretty much captures Callie's entire personality-fun-loving, happy, playful and spoiled little Diva :-)! Each month she is developing more and more of her own personality, which is so cute and exciting some days and entirely frustrating others! Normally, she sleeps well in her crib but occasionally (and unfortunately seeming to be more often) she throws tantrums when we put her down. I have watched her from her door as she screams and then puts her pacifier back into her mouth to see if I respond. If I don't in the allotted amount of time (about 3 seconds), she whips it back out and screams again, only to repeat the process! We had some exciting "firsts" this month. Callie's first word was "Mama"-cried out in the middle of the night on November 19th. It has since been the go-to word whenever she needs something-whether that's me, food, sleep, etc. I was a little concerned, though when she saw a hippopotamus on the t.v. and said "Mama!"
The second exciting first occurred when I was putting the lights on the Christmas tree this past weekend. There was still a pile of lights on the floor and it didn't take long before Callie figured out how to crawl over to them! We were suspecting Christmas decorations of some kind would do the trick, as she'd been VERY close to crawling for about 3 weeks now.
I would love to report that Callie enjoyed her first Thanksgiving and tried mashed potatoes and green beans. Unfortunately, eating is still giving us fits. She really doesn't seem to like any baby foods, so we think it's a texture thing. As one friend said, "She just has refined taste buds!" So far, we have tried sweet potato, squash, pear, applesauce, and peaches (along with rice cereal and oatmeal), but all have been met with the same disgusted reaction. She does enjoy "Puffs" and Rice Wafer crackers.
It seems she is working very hard to get her first top tooth. I'm praying it will break through soon, so I can trade in the tantrum baby for my sweet girl! In the meantime, I'm off to call Dave to bring home more infant Tylenol!

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Família Santos said...

Green Beans did the trick for Nicolas. He wouldn't eat much of anything until he tried them. Now there is no stopping him. Fruits are still hit or miss with him, but I know now that any non-sweet veggie he'll love. Every once in a while I can get him to eat sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce and peaches, but they are usually mixed with his other favorite, bananas!