Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we opened presents just the three of us--As you can see, Callie was tired of waiting!

This is NOT her present, but she didn't really care any more! Besides, the wrapping paper is the exciting part!
New books!
So excited!
She was happy to help Daddy open his presents, too!

In the afternoon, we went up to my parents house to celebrate! Dave and brother-in-law, Josh were excited to find Dutch Bros. gift cards inside of these old VHS tapes that served as clever wrapping solutions so they didn't guess their gifts!

Grammy helping Sophie as she listens to the baby's heartbeat.
Callie was excited to awake from her nap to open MORE presents!

She got a Little People Nativity Set and her first doll. It looks like she's worried Daddy's going to steal it in this picture!
This video is of Callie watching the Tinkerbell movie Dave got her for Christmas!

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