Sunday, January 16, 2011

This one's for you, Cousin Emme!

A couple posts back, I noticed that Callie had the same jacket as her cousin, Emme! So here is Callie sporting the matching jacket and the "Party Pigtails" hairstyle that Emme loves to rock :-). If we didn't live a few thousand miles away, I'm sure those wouldn't be the only things Callie would be imitating from Emme! (Please ignore our messy house and focus on our cute baby!)

I struggled to get her to look at the camera, but wanted you to see the whole look!
Finally, there she is!
Before the pigtails but showing off her teeth!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

awwwww how cute! I love that you dedicated the post to Emme :) I wished we lived closer so our girls could play together!!