Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 months (the rest of it!)

Pushing baby doll around on the firetruck :-)
Just being Callie!
Modeling her new yellow shirt and yellow ponytail!
Can't keep the girl seated for more than a second!
Cracking up!

Well, Callie is OFFICIALLY 10 months now, and I'm very surprised to report that after many rough days of teething throughout the month INCLUDING the first fever hot enough for Mommy to get out the thermometer (101.3), the new tooth(teeth) didn't come in yet! (Oh, and I'd just like to say a big thank you to whomever created the 1 second ear thermometer and of course, Tylenol!)
And here's the rest of the Callie facts for the month :-).
  • She has discovered balls and enjoys throwing (her aim isn't great yet, but she's getting it!) and kicking them (Mommy holds her fingers so she can walk up to the ball and she kicks it with her right foot!)
  • She likes music-recently playing more with the xylophone and just discovered Daddy's guitar. Daddy played for her and then Callie tried strumming the strings herself.
  • She loves to impress her Daddy. Mommy tries very hard to use this to our advantage-"Daddy's watching-show him a big girl bite!" She melted his heart last night when she woke up crying. Usually, I go to her at night, but he hadn't been home before I put her to bed due to a meeting and really wanted to see her so he went in and tried to give her the binki. She was still crying so he picked her up, and she melted into his arms and went right back to sleep. Little does he know this may not be a fantastic thing for him, as I now know that she doesn't need Mommy specifically at night! ;-).
  • She loves to eat at restaurants and people watch! I guess I have to tell Daddy AND Callie that we can't afford to eat out now!
  • She's in 12 month clothes now. (Has been for 3 weeks-always grows out of jammies first)
  • She loves climbing! She can do the stairs in about 10 seconds, and loves it when the little trampoline is scooted up to the couch and she can climb from the floor to the trampoline to the couch. She rarely sits still! She loves to sit on the trampoline with her big plastic jacks while Mommy and Daddy spin them or make them "jump" by popping them up from under the trampoline.
  • Paper continues to be a big hit whether she's tearing it or trying to eat it!
  • She loves laughing and will crack up if you're laughing or sometimes just start randomly on her own!
Oh, and one more cute story: The other day, I was changing Callie's diaper when Dave walked in and asked if what he was wearing looked good for church. I said, "what do you think, Callie-how does Daddy look?" At that moment, she said "Dada" and clapped her hands!

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